Pick up & Delivery Service

With over 14 years of pick-up and delivery experience, we offer an easy and convenient solution to get your clothes cared for during your hectic day. Below is our schedule for pick-up and delivery service for over 36 different cities across Massachusetts and New Hampshire.


We can deliver to the following…..

  • House
  • Company; Large or small business
  • Hotel
  • Hospital
  • University
  • And anywhere you might need to look professional!
  • For house or personal service

    How does it work?

    Register yourself by clicking “Registration

    or Call : 781-894-1888, 603-401-6170(Ben).

    or Email: centralcarecleaners@gmail.com

  • Pick up & Delivery - please include details of where order will be placed/dropped off around your home. For example.: front door, side door, back door, porch or even be left inside the garage etc..   We highly recommend choosing a place where the order will be protected against weather for safety reasons.
  • We will contact you by phone or email after you have registered at the website.
  • We will pick up your laundry bag and deliver back on the following delivery date after it has been professionally cleaned.

    How do we bill?

    We accept major credit cards (visa, master, discover, and including American Express) and checks but credit card option is preferred for your convenience due to security and bill checking. We will also send you a detailed monthly credit card statement for your convenience.


    **** Note for our current customers

    If you want to include any special instructions and any concerns, you can use form at this link to print, fill out and include with your order for your convenience.

    For company & small business/group service

    How it works?

    Pick up & Delivery

    Please fill out the form Company/ Group contact information

    or You can send us the information over the email at centralcarecleaners@gmail.com

    or tell us over the phone 603-475-6170(Ben).

    We will visit your place and then discuss more in person for more details after the initial registration.

    We can set up a little area for your employees to drop off & pick up orders at the convenience of work! As an example for small offices, orders could be dropped off at employees’ personal closets or public closets. For large group or company settings, a small room set aside for deliveries & pickups would be ideal. Your employees can start using the service immediately by filling out some information and including that information in the plastic garment bag with your order that will be provided. Then, it will be delivered to designated area where your employees can pick it up. Whatever the day might throw at your employees, they won’t get caught looking unprofessional ever again!

    Payment options:

    For payment options at this time we only accept all major credit cards.

    We will charge once a month and then send more detailed information over the mail.