Dry Clean

We are an environmentally friendly dry cleaner.
We are equipped with different cleaning machines to tackle any tough jobs for any garment that might represent challenge. We will use the best cleaning method available for each individual garment for best results.

- Any type of clothing
- Drapery
- Rugs and Carpet
- Leather and Suede (Ugg boots)
- Wedding Gown cleaning and Preservation
- Comforters (All type)

Nitrogen Organic Dry Cleaning (Hot cleaning)

We use Columbia Ilsa (TL HSC 900 N2) dry cleaning machine with nitrogen technology, which offers several advantages over traditional perc and other regular organic dry cleaning methods. Dry cleaning garments in a nitrogen rich atmosphere is safer and more efficient than other types of dry cleaning machines. It comes with inline solvent heating system which gets rid of those pesky stains much easier and your garments comes out cleaner and with more vitality. Also, unlike perc based machines, dry cleaning solvent used to clean clothing is treated and purified after every cleaning cycle. We are the only dry cleaner in New England to use organic nitrogen dry cleaning system.

Wet Cleaning

For people who are sensitive to the dry cleaning fluid, we offer wet cleaning service as well. The wet cleaning process utilizes water. And our special machine calculates the least amount of detergents to be used! A very skin friendly option to dry cleaning.

Stain Removal

We take pride in our stain removal skills, if there is a stain that your cleaners cannot remove, bring them down. We are the best when it comes to stain removal.

Best Quality soaps and detergents
To accommodate people with sensitive skin issues such as allergies, sensitive skin and children. Unlike other cleaners, we use the most expensive and highest quality materials available to cleaning your clothes such as Seitz® brands, from solvent to soap.